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The fight for geography in the italian schools (2010-2014): an updating PDF
Gino De Vecchis
GIS4RISKS project. Synergic use of GIS applications for analysing volcanic and seismic risks in the pre and post event PDF
Cristiano Pesaresi, Mara Lombardi
Vesuvius, Pompei, Herculaneum: a lesson in natural history PDF
Roberto Scandone, Lisetta Giacomelli
Towards a multimedia approach in geographical research and education. Reflections from the web-research “Al centro di Tunisi – Au centre de Tunis” PDF
Matteo Puttilli
Is family farming educational? The Australian experience PDF
Simone Betti, Alessandro Ceccarelli

The language of images (edited by Elisa Bignante and Marco Maggioli)

Exploring Urban Geography in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities PDF
Rickie Sanders, Bogdan Jankowski

Mapping societies (edited by Edoardo Boria)

“Now we need to make Italians”. Semiotics and Semantics in Teaching Cartography PDF
Russell Foster

Geographical notes and (practical) considerations

Between Krakow 2014 and Moscow 2015 PDF
Maria Paradiso

Teachings from the past (edited by Dino Gavinelli and Davide Papotti)

Re-reading Geography as a Pivotal Subject in Education by H. Mackinder PDF
Davide Papotti

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