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Some keywords of J-Reading PDF
Gino De Vecchis
The environments of learning environments: What could/should geography education do with these concepts? PDF
Sirpa Tani
Territorial values and geographical education PDF
Giuseppe Dematteis, Cristiano Giorda
A personal journey through the world of GIS, teaching and development of students’ core knowledge PDF
Adrian Manning
GIS in school education in Estonia – looking for an holistic approach PDF
Juri Roosaare, Ülle Liiber
GIS presence in Geography textbooks – a highway to spatial thinking development? PDF
Cristiana Martinha
Rethinking GIS teaching to bridge the gap between technical skills and geographic knowledge PDF
Stefania Bertazzon
Teaching and Researching with the GIS: an archaeological story PDF
Paolo Carafa
Making geography mobile: using location aware technology to improve student performance in physical geography PDF
Pamela Cowan, Ryan Butler
Special didactics of geography PDF
Angela Caruso

The language of images (edited by Elisa Bignante and Marco Maggioli)

Commentary on Participatory Video PDF
Jay Mistry

Mapping societies (edited by Edoardo Boria)

Mapping society: an ingenious but today outdated map PDF
Edoardo Boria

Geographical notes and (practical) considerations

Reflections on geography, its teaching and the possible function of Geoparks PDF
Giuliano Bellezza

Teachings from the past (edited by Dino Gavinelli and Davide Papotti)

Elementary Geography: Objectives and Curriculum PDF
H. Barrows, E. Parker, Joseph P. Stoltman

Referred papers for remote sensing (edited by Alberto Baroni and Maurizio Fea)

Remote sensing and interdisciplinary approach for studying volcano environment and activity PDF
Maurizio Fea, Lisetta Giacomelli, Cristiano Pesaresi, Roberto Scandone

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