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What next for Geography Education? A perspective from the International Geographical Union – Commission for Geography Education PDF
Clare Brooks, Gong Qian, Victor Salinas-Silva
The Smart City I Would Like. Maps and Storytelling in Teaching Geography PDF
Paola Zamperlin, Margherita Azzari
Pre-service geography teachers’ voices on the choice of spatial examples. Results from the first year of an educational design research study PDF
Kathrin Viehrig
The emotional perception of landscape between research and education PDF
Antonina Plutino, Ilaria Polito
Landscape and sense of belonging to place: the relationship with everyday places in the experience of some migrants living in Montebelluna (Northeastern Italy) PDF
Alessia De Nardi

Mapping societies (edited by Edoardo Boria)

On uses of utopian maps: The Map of New Geneva in Waterford (1783) between colonialism and republicanism PDF
Federico Ferretti

Geographical notes and (practical) considerations

Tourism geography: a socio-cultural analysis PDF
Graziella Ferrara
EUGEO workshops (Zara, Croatia, 25-27 September 2016) PDF
Dino Gavinelli

Teachings from the past (edited by Dino Gavinelli and Davide Papotti)

Re-reading "The Culture of the Cities" by L. Mumford PDF
Eleonora Mastropietro

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