Special didactics of geography

Angela Caruso


Geographical knowledge has a didactic heritage which is particularly stiff and mnemonic and has prevented geography from approaching special didactics. New geographies look for a new disciplinary approach by which the teacher uses creativity and keeps up with the different learning paces, encouraging discovery, cooperation, initiative and openness towards other people and other places. Finally, a didactics that
emphasises the emotional dimension of intelligence, stimulating curiosity, interest, enthusiasm and motivation.
Integration and inclusion imply extreme stances in organizing didactics and methods so that the categories of time and space are shaped according to the “Special Educational Need”. Each problem requires focused didactic, pedagogical and methodological solutions, in terms of personalised plans and adjustments in didactic strategies and methods.
The idea is of a special didactics of geography that may provide not only technicality but an authentic training: it is fundamental to regularly implement a methodological approach which makes it possible to tackle tools, languages, knowledge of disciplines and general learning, in an inclusive viewpoint. Such a perspective establishes a dynamic interactive relation between the teacher and the pupils and therefore implies a constant use of the knowledge and skills of any individual involved.

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