Geographers for Geography – learning by doing

Jadranka Brkić-Vejmelka, Marica Mamut, Ana Pejdo


Department of Geography on the University of Zadar in conjunction with Croatian Geographical society – Zadar is engaging geography students and geography teachers in different activities with the aim of enhancing the level of geographical literacy. Among numerous activities such as field trips, lectures, seminars, workshops, for the purpose of this paper one will be analyzed. It is entitled Small Geographers, monthly workshops for primary school pupils in Zadar County. Workshops are organized in the Main city library and its branches and/or in primary schools so more children can participate. All those who register online can participate. Geography teachers and students voluntary prepare diverse workshops. So far workshops were dealing with different topic and motive-related content such as how to recycle and why, what is the shape of the Earth, karst modelling, water pollution, mapmaking, etc. Each topic is related to everyday life and includes active learning by doing.


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