Sardinian rebirth landscapes. An aesthetician’s outlook

Federica Pau


The following study, whose field of research is aesthetics, aims to analyze the Sardinian Rebirth Landscapes. Throughout this paper, we’ll use this expression to describe the landscapes which derived from the crisis of the industrial sector in Sardinia. Their study will be exclusively performed in an analytical manner through the use of critical thinking, as is proper in the philosophical method. The end result is a reflection which uses categories and interpretative tools typical of the field of aesthetics, which is my sole field of competence. The essay stems from considerations inspired by a photograph. This photograph presented a chance to deeply scrutinize our reality as to bring forth its evident contradictions, and to consider how these very contradictions have undertaken the features of this recession. A recession which has claimed its spaces of visibility in what I’ve named the “Sardinian Rebirth Landscapes”. The second part of paper focuses on the complexities involved in analyzing these landscapes.

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