The crisis of the landscape, the crisis of the norms for the landscape, the planning of the landscape between uncertainty and second thoughts. A few basic issues

Anna Maria Colavitti


Landscape planning is the result of a complex and coordinated effort. The interpretation of the idea of Landscape by the Urban Planning discipline is clearly facing some hardship. In Italy, the tools of the Landscape planning currently in effect (Landscape and Cultural Heritage Code  L.D.42/2004 and subsequent revisions) include a not flexible and straightforward series of rules.At present the landscape planning discipline is facing a rethinking of its models due to the inadequacy of its founding standpoints and of some ideologically manufactured claims based in turn on a specious conception of identity. This is proven by the fact that several regional plans are having a very hard time to apply basic rules and regulations to the practicality of the planning at a local level.In order to better explain the above mentioned points, we are going to present the case of the Sardinian Regional Landscape Plan (SRLP) in which several critical issues reveal themselves and converge as they stem from the uncertainly of the rules and are consequently accompanied by seriously negative outcomes.

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